Our Products

We specialize in pallet timber and wooden pallets production. We also provide variety of other timber products as construction timber, firewood and wooden pellets.

Pallet timber


Softwood / Conifer - pine and spruce
Hardwood - aspen, alder and birch
Fresh cut + Antiseptic treatment (AST).
Boards 15-29mm x 70-150mm
Beams  30-75mm x 70-100mm
Blockwood 75-100mm x 75-145mm


Pallets & Pallet details

4-way & 2-way pallets accordance customers drawing,

Pallet decks 
CP pallets (ACME)
KD (Kiln Dry) & ISPM15

Firewood & Pellets

Wood type: Oak, Ash, Birch, Alder and mixed.
Moisture: Max 20% or fresh
8mm or 6mm
15kg or 20kg plastic bags / big bags